Story of success

In the picturesque landscape of the "Kremstal"-valley you can find our pig breeding farm where family Schlattl is intensively working on the further genetic improvement of breeding pigs.

Starting with Landrace at the age of 23, as one of the youngest members of the pig breeding association, he succeeded sensationally in a lot of exhibitions and fairs. In order to react anticipatorily on the changing market demand, Georg started with the Belgian landrace in 1978.

Haus In the early 80's the Swiss association had been in a process to develop a new innovational pig race which should be more resistant against stress. Georg soon acknowledged that this seminal development would be important for the Austrian pig market and thus hybridized domestic genetic material with new Swiss lines, which was an outstanding incident in the history of the Upper Austrian pig breeding association (SZV).

Due to the promotional efforts of Mr Hubert Schreiner, General Manager of the SZV, this innovation has been well established in Austria. It was an absolutely necessary step towards increasing consumer satisfaction.

At the end of the 80's he started breeding of Pietrain pigs (P). The most remarkable attribute of this new pig breed is the extremely high lean meat content. Pietrain is used in the Austrian ÖHYB programme as the terminal sire line.

This long-term approved breeding programme consists of Landrace crossbred with Large White to ÖHYB-F1 sow and using Pietrain as the terminal sire.

Edelschwein   Landrasse  
Large White
X Landrace  
  F1 Kreuzungssau   Pietrain
  F1 Sows X Pietrain

Nowadays the breeding goal for Pietrain is to breed stress-negative boars with a high lean meat content and the best meat quality.